Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Have u heard about AsiaWorks? I went there sometimes around 2003, if  I'm not mistaken.. It's a very powerful training program. I quote this from Asiaworks Malaysia site

"Powerful educational workshops that create an environment for personal discovery – empowering people just like you to achieve significantly higher levels of achievement and fulfillment in key areas of life – including career, finances, family, relationship, community and work-life balance."

My journey there is a remarkable one. I've went to a lot of training, motivational program before, but nothing can compare with what I xperienced there. Actually, they have 3-4 stages there, but I only completed the basic stage. For me, that's already too much to handle. I guess I'm not strong enuff. It's hard to xplain what had happen there, u have to xperience it yourself..The main point of the basic programme is about awareness. 

As we grew up, we tend to forget the small, tiny things. Just remember, when we were just a kid, we're very open.. we have no secret.. we apologized for our mistakes. We're really scared to do any bad things.. But now, we're different. Everyday, we might hurt someone's feeling, sometimes without we even realizing it.
In this basic program, they let us have the same feeling, the same emotions as if we're still kids. You will blurt out your deepest secret with everybody there. There's no wall between you and the people there . U feel free.. You realized every single,tiny mistake that you've done and you will be really sorry 4 making that misktakes
Some people said, esspecially in Indonesia , that this AsiaWorks program is kind of cult.. Some said it's a brainwash programme, but I beg to differ. Maybe because during the 1st 2 weeks after we graduated from the prog, most of us will be like 'zombie'. We use the same word to answer to every question. Yes.. it's true, we use the same exact words  when we talk to people. Only those who join the prog will know why..
FYI, it's a 5 day course and during my time the fee for basic training is around RM1500 but it's worth the money. Personally, for me, even if the fee is rm2500 , it's still a small amount compare to what u will learn through out the training. For more info, you can visit I swear this is not an advertisement or something. I didn't get any money to write this story up. Just wanna share with u guyz out there.. that's all.



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