Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday, after seing lots of pictures of Pasar Ramadhan near Taman Melawati posted by Helas on his blog, I decided to go to that particular place to search for my 'break fast' food. Honestly, my decision 98% was based on the tasty 'kambing golek' photos on Helas' blog. To avoid the traffic, i started my journey at 4.30 p.m.

Everything was smooth untill I make my way back home. I reached my apt at 6 p.m and i was told by the security that there was a TNB cable breakdown near my place. So there's no electricity in the area. Even the elevator is not working. FYI, I stayed on the 28th floor. So we wait in the car until 7.30. Nothing happens so we decided to have our dinner at a nearby restaurant. At 8.30 p.m, still no electricity in that area. I couldn't wait much longer, so we made up our mind to use the staircase up to the 28th floor. It was dark coz the emergency light has no more battery left. Luckily I have a torchlight in mycar. So, with the torchlight, we use the staircase. That was my first time using the staircase up till my apt. It was very tiring. Just imagine, 28th floor.

The power came back at 10 p.m. And i'm proud to tell u, that I've lost 5kg that night (i wish) .. .. hehe..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

high rise

A typical morning view of my place


I hate people cutting queue. Few days back while driving back home, there was a massive traffic jam. Obediently, I lined up behind other cars as usual. Ahead of me was a road split. One is going straight and the other is to the left. My car was approaching the split when another car tried to cut into my lane. I speed up my car, moving close to the car in front of me. The car which was trying to get into my lane didn't give up. He tried to drive close to my car, hoping that i would give way to him. Then all of sudden, he turn his head, staring at me and of course I stared back, with my bald head, trying to look like a road bully. To make the story short, I won the race, however my side mirror bump into his but I ignored it and continue my way back home.

Haha.. I supposed a lot of u readers want a more dramatic ending but sorry, that doesn't happen. I just posted this story coz i've nuthing else to do. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Security Check

My parents are back in town and this time they're staying in Renaissance hotel, located at the corner of Jalan Ampang and Jln sultan Ismail. So tonight, i'll be spending my night here.

Just now, when i first reach the hotel, on my way to the basement parking, i was stopped by the security staff. One of them was holding a big mirror attached to a long rod. The asked me to pop up my car trunk for spot check. They even use the mirror thingy to see whats under my car, worrying that i might be carrying a bomb. Next, b4 i got into lobby from the basement parking, i was stopped for the second time. This time is to have my body checked. It's similar to the airport check up. I have to go through the metal detector thingy with all my stuff and bags in a basket. Suprise.. surprise.. Never thought that they have this kind of security check in Malaysia. i thought its only in Indonesia, but of course, u have to be really sure when it comes to life & death matter.

When I reach the hotel room, my mom was getting ready for a dinner at Istana Hotel. She was telling us that before this, this kind of functions were always hosted by some cross-dresser or 'pondan' . So before my mom left the hotel, my dad tried to be funny when he said " Selamat menonton pondan". It was hilarious..

So tomorrow, i'll be going to college from here.. Will update u later if anythings come up...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love-Hate Relationship With My Ride..

It's been quite some time since i updated this blog. Busy, or maybe i suffered from writer's block. But anyway, here my new post. And its about my car again.. Remember, for the past 2-3 months, i had problem with my car. No.. no, I haven't bought a new car yet. It just that my car gave me another problem 2 days ago. I was in Tesco and just got in my car. There was a honda just got into the parking area next to mine. When I start my car's engine, some loud, wierd, eerie sound coming out from my engine and I could felt that the everybody in the parking lot laid their eyes on my car as the noise was waayyyy too loud.

Smoke coming out from my engine. I was shocked, i turned off the engine and jumped out of my car, worrying that my engine willl explode. I don't want to be in the newspaper on the following day. The guy who just park his car next to me was shocked as well and took some distance from my car, fearing that the car will explode. After a while, the sound started to fade away. Instantly, the guy next to me get back into his car and change his parking spot far from my car. After the noise was totally gone, i get back into my car and try to start my engine again. Suprisingly, everything went normal. So , I straight away drove to workshop near my place and turned out that the compressor + piping was jammed. All together with the filter and some other small parts, it cost me Rm 800.

There goes the money again.. Despite all the problems, I still love my car.

p/s : Mr Jony and Mr Sunnysideup.. Are u ready for the game? U better be...

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