Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lost & Found

Going back to penang 2day.. Actually we didn't plan for this. Afew days ago, we got a call from 'Fitrah Kasih'. It's a RTM TV1 talk show like program that ussually invite people to talk about current issue to create awareness among others. And there is one last segment on the show titled 'Pencarian & Pertemuan', for one who want to find long last family or frens... 

2 months back, my wife already attended the 'Pencarian' segment to find her mother whom she didn't meet for 13 years.  The 'Fitrah Kasih' invited us once again to appear on the program but they didn't tell us the real reason. So yesterday we went there. During the last segment, my wife is on it again and unexpectedly they revealed that they have found her mother and already invited her mother to the set. The rest was history.. Supposed RTM was about to send her mother back home to kedah yesterday but my wife offered her to send her back so that she could spend the night with her mom to catch up stories and everything..

So here it goes.. We're going to send her mom today back to kedah and then continue our journey to my hometown, Penang. Can't wait to get back...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Not So Small Brother and Mount Kinabalu

Few days back, my brother has become the first man from my family to set foot on top of Mount Kinabalu. He's 2 years younger than me. He went there with a bunch of frens from UIA. He had just finished his final year in UIA doing degree in pharmacy. So before  he and his frens take their own seperate wayz into working life, they decided to conquer Mount Kinabalu. Congrats, ... 

If u have facebook account, u can visit his Mount Kinabalu photo album using this link. U have to sign in 1st in order to view the pictures

Here are some of the photos on the album

He didn't update his blog yet regarding his journey because he's still in Sabah, but he will, soon..  by the way, his blog url is 

p/s : so frenz.. what bout us,.. lets come up with a plan to conquer something when we finished our degree.. Everest maybe?? or something lower, bukit bintang.. ??


Warning : Do not continue reading if u have a faint heart or blood phobia or pregnant. If you insist. continue reading at your own risk...

The other day, I was reading The Sun Newspaper and I stumbled upon an article titled 'Shaving on Empty Stomach'.  As most of u guyz know, I shaved my head myself every single week, and everytime I do that, definately i'll have a few minor cuts here & there. There's one spot on my head that would alwayz bleed everytime I shaved due to a stiched scar. Just Imagine, a cut on the same spot, every week. The pain is getting worse week after week..

Ok.. back to the article.. It stated that when we eat something, our stomach will start to digest, our heart rate and our blood flow will increase. As  there will be more blood flowing through the arteries beneath our skin, there is a bigger chance of geting cut while shaving.

So.. couple of days ago, I left my stomach empty on purpose to do my weekly routine which is of course, shaving my head. Suprisingly, it was my first time ever I had a clean shave without dropping a single blood from my head.. So .. I guess the theory is definately true..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Friday, April 24, 2009

To be or not to be ----- Shakespeare

To do is to be ----- Nietzsche

To be is to do ----- Sartre

Do be do be do ---- Sinatra

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ubuntu + Umobile

While I was searching for solution to get my Umobile broadband connected to the internet using Ubuntu OS last 2 days, I can see that a lot of people were also in my shoes. So I decided to explain in details how I get to overcome this problem sucessfully.

First of all, I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 but I think this should work for whatever version of ubuntu. Bare in mind, this solution is only for model E220 HSDPA modem.

1. Applications -----> Accessories -----> Terminal
sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf
Press ENTER & input your password if neccessary

2. gedit application will pop out end edit it with this
[Dialer Defaults]
Phone = *99***1#
Stupid Mode = 1
Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0
Username = user
Password = pass
ISDN = 0
New PPPD = yes
Baud = 1843200
Init2 = ATZ
Init3 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
Modem Type = Analog Modem

Save & Close..

3. Restart

4. Applications -----> Accessories -----> Terminal

sudo wvdial

Press Enter


If u're getting this for ur last few lines, meaning that u are connected

--> Carrier detected. Starting PPP immediately.
--> Starting pppd at Fri Apr 24 09:37:23 2009
--> Pid of pppd: 7864
--> Using interface ppp0
--> local IP address
--> remote IP address
--> primary DNS address
--> secondary DNS address
5. Final step.. Open your firefox..

Press File option and uncheck 'work offline' checkbox. You can now start surfing

If you're getting this error message

--> Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: No such file or directory
--> Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: No such file or directory
--> Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: No such file or directory

Plug off your modem and plug in back.. wait for 10 seconds and start redialing again. Everything should works fine..

Dark is my 2nd home

It's already been 4 nights and the electricity still haven't comeback. What is the management doing?? I've heard a lot versions regarding this blackout. Some said that somebody stole something from the electric box downstairs while others were saying that it's just a minor glitch where the TNB staff can't pull the switch up after they put it down. The last notice that the management pasted on the wall stated that by 2 pm today, everybody should have their electricity back.. but.. we'll see how it goes...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


At last.. After days of trying, I manage to get my connection to Umobile using Ubuntu 8.10.. Actually, for Ubuntu version 8.04 and above, they have this network manager thingy where u can automatically get connected to the internet but the problem is , the options given didn't include connection for umobile. I tried to edit the data for celcom and maxis option to Umobile but still can't connect..

Then I tried to use shell scripting provided by this blog..Although the instruction given is for celcom but at least the modem model was the same. Tried a few times but still the same but on my nth times trying, suddenly I got connected. The only problem now is the connection is quite slow.. Anyone has any idea on this?

p/s : 2nd day of no electricity and still surviving..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blackout, Traffic & Luck..

Last night, my house was in the dark starting around 7 pm. But the weird thing is 2-3 houses in my block have no problem with their electricity. The management claimed that it was due to a short-circuit and they are trying to fix it out asap. Around 8 o'clock, i went out, hoping that everything would return to normal when I come back, but I thought wrong. 10pm, As I drove slowly, entering my apartment, I can see a few people still 'lepaking' and chatting downstairs due to the blackout. 

So, in the end, my family and I slept in the hall with the sliding door wide open. We have no problem with the mosquitos as my house is on the 28th floor. Mosquitos can't fly this high. The only way for them to get to my house is by using the elevator which i think is imposible as they dont have enuff strentgh to press the lift button. hehe.. 

Around 3 am , my sleep was disturbed by the feel of water splashing my face.  Raining was pouring heavily outside. The wind was sreaming to get into my house. I jumped on to my feet and closed my sliding door swiftly. The next thing I remember is waking up again at 5.45 as my alarm went off. 

7 a.m - still drizzling.. As usual we got in the car and send my sayang to her nursery. FYI, every morning, i'll drive to my wife's work place, park my car there, and take the lrt to KLMU. The problem for this morning is we spent almost 2 hours in the car due to the traffic cause by the sprinkle. Luckily, I was accopanied by Jay Jay & Ian from Hitz.Fm.. They were really funny..

Lucky for me, when I arrived at the parking place, I got a message from my classmate saying that the class was cancelled due to the lecturer is on MC.. (Thank You , Sir Mus) .. 

If it wasn't for the traffic jam, I'll be in the college when I recieved the message, thumping my head on the college's wall. :p

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Fair (part 3)

Not much story to tell on day 3 as my mom spent her entire morning in  the book fair, where as we all spent our morning in the hotel room.  My mom flight is at 3.15 pm but  we left the hotel at 1.45. We reached the airport at 3 p.m and the staff at the counter didn't allow my mom to check in as she was late. So, my mom had to buy another ticket. 4.30 pm , my mom was already on a plane heading back to penang...

Book Fair (Part 2)

I have no time to post on the 2nd day of the book fair as my schedule of the day was quite hectic.. My family and left my house around 10 a.m and headed to PWTC. Once arrived, we straight away went to my mom's hotel room in Legend but my mom has already left for the book fair. However my brother and sister were there and they were still sleeping. 

So, we took a walk to the book fair. People were crammed everywhere. They divided the book fair into 3 Floors. The first 2 floor was the most chaotic one. This is where they put the story books and  revision plus excersice books for form 6 and below. The third floor is for the university books n above. So, if u guyz go there, don't bother to search ur books at the first 2 floor unless if u think that u're still a small kid which I assume most of u are. hehehe... By 1.30 I've marked my books...

Next, my family n i, my mom, sister and brother went out for lunch at bukit bintang. We had our lunch at Sari Ratu Grand Restaurant. Its an exclusive indonesian restaurant with speciality of nasi padang. Located beside pizza hut, cornet lot, near blue boy club. After we had our grand lunch, we headed back to the hotel. It was 4 p.m when we arrived due to the traffic jam.

Then, around 5, me n my mum left for the book fair again. I bought 2 books, which were PHP and MySQL Bible and Linux 2009 Bible. It's a good deal actually. Night time, we bought our dinner at the food court at lower ground, the mall. My brother even bought some stuff from cold storage to cook in the hotel room as our room was equipped with a small kitchen. Fast forward, I arrived at my venice hill home around 12 that night n I was damned tired..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Journey 2 Book Fair (Part 1)

Yesterday, My family n I went down to the Legend Hotel to meet my mother coz she's here for the 'Book Fair'. Her college send her here to choose the books that is going to be used by her college.  The hotel stay and the flight was sponsored by the 'Book Fair' organizer itself. I arrived there around  9 pm, and so was my brother.  He was a student in UITM Shah Alam. As it was already late, we didn't enter the book fair. During that time, my mom just got back from the book fair. She bought several books for his college and a RM 1500 encyclopedia for herself. I've never know that there are books that are so.. damn.. expensive, but I guess, it's worth it.. It should be.. 

First thing we do is we tried to find a place to eat. It's already late so most of the eateries has started to roll up for the day.Finally, we ended up at 'Secret Recipe', just in front of the mall and the hotel as well. We had a big dinner there. I had curry seafood laksa, where as sayang had her spaghetti bolognese, my brother picked some sort of mee + seafood + soup and my mom had her cheese macaroni. My other sayang took the brownies and ice cream. 

By the way, just to let u guys know, parkson in the Mall is having sale.. I'm going there this morning for the sale and the book fair as well.. so this post definately will be continued..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stupid Neighbour (con't)

My neighbour has took it to the next level!!  Yesterday,  while my family n i  was on our way out, one of the management staff took a walk to my car and claimed that he recieved complaint from king kong regarding my house... and added that I' have outstanding water bill for 3 months consecutively . As I tried to explained the whole situation , he interrupted saying that later I should come to his office and explain more and of course, settle my bills.. I said ok..

So, later that evening, I straight away went to the management office.. with the cash, of course.  I explained the the situation and to my surprise, he told me that this guy had always making fuss about everything. He also claimed that king kong's wife live in another place because she was 'pening kepala' with king kong. Furthermore, he said that king kong seems like a bit crazy (screw longgar). I couldn't agree more... 

So that was it..  The management is on my side.I was relieved. I walk back to my house with a big wicked grin on my face.. hahahaha... 

Friday, April 10, 2009


I only have classes on tuesday and thursday 4 now as most of the other subjects syllabus has been fully completed..So last wednesday, I was at home. Coincidently, Sayang is on MC on that particular day as well.. So, after we sent off my other Sayang to her nursery, we headed to a clinic nearby. Next, we went 4 breakfast and then we went back home. 

As usual, I was struggling to get some of my assignments done, suddenly..

Me : Jom gi kayak

Sayang : Jom..

Me : Siap lar

Sayang : ok

FYI, my last kayaking experience is more than 5 years ago and sayang never did kayak b4. So.. off we went to wetland, putrajaya. It cost us rm 8 for 1 hour but if ur going on weekend, it's rm 8 for 1/2 hour. They do have other kind of boat and the cost varies depending on the boat type.

Do u have any other nice activities to suggest? We might be going 4 that the next time Sayang is on MC.. :p

p/s : My wife name is Sayang and so is my daughter..( Sayang Suhaina & Sayang Sofea )

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is the vid that I was recording minutes b4 my crazy neighbour ' paid me a visit '..

My Dancing Princess

.. and these are the views taken from my balcony early in the morning.. nice huh??

Stupid Neighbour

I've been living in venice hill, cheras for nearly one year now. It's a nice apartment(at least for me) with tight security where u need access card to park your car or even access the elevator. The only facality they have here is the swimming pool which I never use b4. FYI, my apartment is on the 28th floor and guess what.. it's on the top of a hill. I guess this is why the place was named venice hill and bla.. bla... bla.. 

The thing is, I hate my downstairs neighbour. He stay exactly under my house. When I first moved in here, he looks like he's a good guy. He came to my house to welcome us. But one day, as i was preparing my family's lunch that day, I used the 'lesung batu' to prepare the stuff used in my cooking. Suddenly I heard someone knocking on my window and next thing I know, there was a loud banging sound on my door. As I opened the door, I can see him with his 'bangun tido', angry face. He claimed that his house was shaking with my 'lesung batu' sound. He couldn't sleep and so was his daughter. He gave me a hell of my time. FYI, that was around 12 in the afternoon. It's my mistake so I apologized to him.

The next few week, I was recording my daughter dancing in the house and here came to king kong again. iIt was about 3 o'clock in the evening. He said his ceiling was shaking and had a hard time trying to sleep.. He said every single day, he can hear my daughter running hear and there in my house  .. I repeat .. in my house  and that irritates him . "Excuse me.. this is my house, my daughter can do anything she want in my house. Stupid bast**d." That is what i supposed to shoot him on his face but unfortunately, I didn't. I apologized again for the 2nd time. 

But beware, neighbour @ kingkong !!. Don't take it 4 granted. I'm ready if there is a third time!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Have u heard about AsiaWorks? I went there sometimes around 2003, if  I'm not mistaken.. It's a very powerful training program. I quote this from Asiaworks Malaysia site

"Powerful educational workshops that create an environment for personal discovery – empowering people just like you to achieve significantly higher levels of achievement and fulfillment in key areas of life – including career, finances, family, relationship, community and work-life balance."

My journey there is a remarkable one. I've went to a lot of training, motivational program before, but nothing can compare with what I xperienced there. Actually, they have 3-4 stages there, but I only completed the basic stage. For me, that's already too much to handle. I guess I'm not strong enuff. It's hard to xplain what had happen there, u have to xperience it yourself..The main point of the basic programme is about awareness. 

As we grew up, we tend to forget the small, tiny things. Just remember, when we were just a kid, we're very open.. we have no secret.. we apologized for our mistakes. We're really scared to do any bad things.. But now, we're different. Everyday, we might hurt someone's feeling, sometimes without we even realizing it.
In this basic program, they let us have the same feeling, the same emotions as if we're still kids. You will blurt out your deepest secret with everybody there. There's no wall between you and the people there . U feel free.. You realized every single,tiny mistake that you've done and you will be really sorry 4 making that misktakes
Some people said, esspecially in Indonesia , that this AsiaWorks program is kind of cult.. Some said it's a brainwash programme, but I beg to differ. Maybe because during the 1st 2 weeks after we graduated from the prog, most of us will be like 'zombie'. We use the same word to answer to every question. Yes.. it's true, we use the same exact words  when we talk to people. Only those who join the prog will know why..
FYI, it's a 5 day course and during my time the fee for basic training is around RM1500 but it's worth the money. Personally, for me, even if the fee is rm2500 , it's still a small amount compare to what u will learn through out the training. For more info, you can visit I swear this is not an advertisement or something. I didn't get any money to write this story up. Just wanna share with u guyz out there.. that's all.

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