Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Fair (Part 2)

I have no time to post on the 2nd day of the book fair as my schedule of the day was quite hectic.. My family and left my house around 10 a.m and headed to PWTC. Once arrived, we straight away went to my mom's hotel room in Legend but my mom has already left for the book fair. However my brother and sister were there and they were still sleeping. 

So, we took a walk to the book fair. People were crammed everywhere. They divided the book fair into 3 Floors. The first 2 floor was the most chaotic one. This is where they put the story books and  revision plus excersice books for form 6 and below. The third floor is for the university books n above. So, if u guyz go there, don't bother to search ur books at the first 2 floor unless if u think that u're still a small kid which I assume most of u are. hehehe... By 1.30 I've marked my books...

Next, my family n i, my mom, sister and brother went out for lunch at bukit bintang. We had our lunch at Sari Ratu Grand Restaurant. Its an exclusive indonesian restaurant with speciality of nasi padang. Located beside pizza hut, cornet lot, near blue boy club. After we had our grand lunch, we headed back to the hotel. It was 4 p.m when we arrived due to the traffic jam.

Then, around 5, me n my mum left for the book fair again. I bought 2 books, which were PHP and MySQL Bible and Linux 2009 Bible. It's a good deal actually. Night time, we bought our dinner at the food court at lower ground, the mall. My brother even bought some stuff from cold storage to cook in the hotel room as our room was equipped with a small kitchen. Fast forward, I arrived at my venice hill home around 12 that night n I was damned tired..


Anonymous said...

its ok if you're tired my dear... atleast u've got what u want rite ?


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