Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's Fight HIV/AIDS Stigma


Last wednesday, as I was relaxing on the couch, my wife ask me to watch a malay drama series for her as she was going to take a bath at that time. When I first open the channel, there was this scene where the women was asking the doctor on whats wrong with her relative, and the doctor replied that the she got AIDS. The next scene was the woman entering her relative's room, wearing a MASK and GLOVES..

Government has spent millions of ringgit to set up several awareness campaign regarding AIDS, yet still there are  people that are still have limited knowledge of this disease. The scene in the drama shows that there are shallow minded people living in this world. It's a sign of prejudice and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS. AIDS does not transmit through air, nor through kissing, sharing or touching. So why did the woman just now wears a mask and gloves. I still can accept on why  she's wearing the gloves, but mask?? That's too much. The director/producer should be aware of this kind of thing before they did a film on that...

I've touched, shaked hands and interviewed a man who is living with HIV. I can see his pain due to the discrimination by people around him. So please.. let us help fight the HIV/AIDS stigma.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon say:
"Stigma remains the single most important barrier to public action. It is a main reason why too many people are afraid to see a doctor to determine whether they have the disease, or to seek treatment if so. It helps make AIDS the silent killer, because people fear the social disgrace of speaking about it, or taking easily available precautions. Stigma is a chief reason why the AIDS epidemic continues to devastate societies around the world"

Team Hoyt (Dick & Rick Hoyt)

Amazing life's story of a father and a son. This is what I called true love. Really touched & inspired by this video .. They proved that nothing is impossible..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Free Programming and Designing Software (Dreamspark)

Did u know that since last year, Microsoft has set up a program named 'Dreamspark' . The main purpose of this program is to provide student with sodtware design and development tools with no charges at all. Usually this kind of software/tools will cost us hundreds to thousands in the real-world market. Softwares include visual studio 2008, sql server 2008, virtual pc and a lot more. 

In order to download certain major apps for free,we have to sign in and verify that we're a college student. Here comes the problem.. There are not much colleges in Malaysia that are in their list. To be added to the list, the college itself has to registered with program.. I quoted this from

"have your IT Department check out the University Administrator FAQs to find out more about including your school or organization"

So, when will our college(KLMU) be in the list?? 

For more info, please visit

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol - Season 8

I won't say that I'm one of the biggest fan, but I just love to watch American Idol. Never miss a single concert 4 this season yet. This season 4 me, is the best season so far.

 Honestly, I can't sing,myself. I have no profesional training. Maybe that's the reason why I like to watch it.. to admire the talent of others as I don't have it..

This season American Idol has nearly comes to an end. With Kris McKinnley and Adam Lambert competing for the title. Both has their own strength and weaknesses, however my vote goes to Adam Lambert. He has been very consistent from the beginning of the season. He even got 'standing ovation' from Simon Cowell for one of his performance in previous concert. How many people have we seen in American Idol that recieved 'standing  ovation' from Simon b4 this? None... Lambert is the first. He can sing any song and even put his signature in every song he sang.

On the other hand ,Kris is not bad at all. From the beginning, most of the American Idol Fan has predicted that Kris would be in the top three but not many thought that he will be in the final.

Based on the finale concert, both idol has given their very best perfomance. It's a tough fight between them. Tomorrow the final result will be revealed . Who will be the next American Idol?
Tell me your who will u vote 4.. If u haven't watch the show, at least go to youtube, and watch how they perform.

**Edited : Kris Allen got the title... He won.. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Free Domino's Pizza

Yesterday, I was hungry so I ordered Domino's Pizza through their website. This was my 2nd time I ordered pizza online. As usual, after submitting their form, I recieved the confirmation email stated that my order ID was 407. 

As we all know, Domino's Pizza is famous for its 30 minutes guarantee delivery. And so I waited.. and waited.. and waited.. I checked my email again and saw the tag ' 1 hour ago' besides Domino's confirmation email, meaning that it has been 1 hour since I placed the order.. I called their customer service and the guy who picked up my call assure me that he'll check into this matter and will call me back. And the waiting continues... Neither that I received any call nor pizza.. 

This morning, at 8, I wrote a complaint at their websites providing all details regarding the order that I've made yesterday. Luckily I just learned on 'how to write a complaint letter' from my English class. I even threatened them saying that I would write to a local newspaper regarding this problem.

 To my surprise, Domino call me back around 11 o'clock, rectifying the problem with me. They said the problem is due to the 'stop order' at the branch that supposed to deliver the pizza to me, meaning that they already have a lot of delivery order for that night and they've stopped taking delivery order. They claimed that they've tried to call me but my phone is unreachable. FYI, I enter 2 phone number for them to call.

Anyway, I was very satisfied on the way they handled my problem. They explain everything from A to Z and offered me everything that I ordered yesterday for free of charge which were 2 regular pizza, 1 cinnastick and 1 1.5l sprite. I said Yes... and so my pizzas were FREE..

These are the pizza set that I got for free...

As u can see, my complaint letter ID is on the box and the total amount is 0.00 ..

Hopefully next time, I'll be in this kind of mess again so that I could write a complaint letter and recieve pizzas for FREE again..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Huge Dinner

Let me start with this.. Last night I had a bit of rice with grilled meat ('daging salai masak lemak cili api'), roast chicken,grilled mutton, grilled fish('cencaru' & 'keli'(catfish)), 'siput sedut', fried lung(cow)('paru goreng'), hotdog, laksa, air batu campur( custom made), rebung masak cili api, 'pengat pisang', and 'pengat durian' for my dinner. I ate all these food over and over again for the whole night.. Surprise?? 

Actually 2day is my sister's birthday but we celebrated it yesterday as my parents were in KL and they'll be back to penang today. They spent their night at Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa, just opposite the KL Convention Centre. We had our grand dinner at Rebung Restaurant located in Bangsar. 2 men behind this restaurant are Chef Ismail and Dr Sheikh Muzaphar. When we first arrived, We were personally greeted by Chef Ismail himself. He was very friendly. He and sometimes his wife came to our table a few times just to entertain us.

The restaurant concept was something like traditional malay + western style. There was a small live band stage in front of the restaurant and the open air section looks like a nice, sweet pub. There is also air-conditioner room but still, from this room we can see the stage and hear the music. During our time there, the Chef personally took turns to sing on that stage. In addition, there was also a guy from 'Sepet' movie went up the stage to sing a few Malay songs as well. Chef Ismail's wife also took the stage that night. Songs that were sing that night include I Will Survive, Can't Take My Eyes Off You and a few Malay songs. They also dance around during the songs were sang.

For their food, you can choose from the buffet or  the 'a la carte'.  The concept of the food  is Malay traditional concept. Of course, we went for the buffet. There was a huge variety of dishes to choose from. We can even made our own Ice Kacang. That is how I ended up with big full stomach by the end of the night( b4 this, it's already big, now bigger). 

I had a confession to make. After 1-2 hours day, I can feel the food is up untill my throat. My stomach was sooo full that not a single rice can fit in anymore. However I still crave for more.  I felt uneasy so I went to the toilet, throw up a few stuff and back to my seat and continue eating.. haha.. That's how nice the food was..

Overall, I give 5 Star rating for the food and service. This is the best buffet dinner I had in my entire life. Highly recommended. Bye bye Seoul's Garden.. Hello Rebung Restaurant..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day & Food

Last night, Mother's Day night, my in laws family & my family went for dinner at Fisherman Restaurants a.k.a  Restoran Nelayan Titiwangsa. It's located just beside Tasik Tasik Titiwangsa, So its like the restaurant is floating on top of the lake. That was my first time there and we had steamboat buffet. Honestly, there was not much food laying around for us to pick. Furthermore, when any of the dishes finished, they would take forever just to add on the dishes especially for the oysters and their drinks. However we still managed to fill our stomach with the endless small lobsters. Personally, I think, 'Seoul's Garden' is waayyyy better than this restaurant....

There was another family sat beside our table and it turn out to be my wife's friend but she only realized that after we finished our meal which is after 2 hours. It's a small world, huh..

This week is actually a food week for me. The day b4 mother's day, we went for my wife's cousin birthday party.. There was a lot of food, chocolates, spaghetti, nasi lemak, birthday cake, curry mee, etc... And tomorrow, we have a big dinner with my family to celebrate my sis bithday. Btw, my family is here till this wednesday.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I remember when I was small,

my mother took care of me when I'm sick. She would wake up at 2 o'clock in the morning just to check on me..

my mother cooked me food when I'm hungry. She wouldn't complaint a bit...

my mother will alwayz be there when I need her.. She always gave me advices when I need one.. 

I remember when I was a teenager,

I alwayz thought my mother was wrong and I'm always right..

I whined when my mother ask for my help..

I would stay upstairs just because she wouldn't agree with me..

I blamed her for my life's mistakes..

I made her cried with my disgraceful act..

Now, I realize that

my mother has always been right..

my mother's love is  deep and endless..

my mother will always be there when I need her..

how hurt my mother were when I revealed that I ......

It's wierd that we always turn to our mother first when we have problems, but when we are happy, we turn to our friends..

If I had a flower for each time I thought of my Mother, I could walk in my garden forever..

All that I have, am and hope  to be, I owe to you (The good side only, the bad side was from my friends.. haha )

Thank You MOM.. 
I Love You MOM..



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

more pics

I took this pictures form my house around 6.30 am and  i'm using some kind of 'dark mode'.. so it kindda blur a bit.. It was a beautiful morning.. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Its been a while since my last journey back to Penang. Oh.. yes.. I'm in Penang right now. Penang has gone throught a lot of changes since the last time I was here.

The first thing that I realized was the Penang Bridge. It's getting wider.. there are 3 lanes on it where previously it only has 2 lanes. Next was the swarm of lights' view from the bridge. Penang looks brighter than usual. There's building everywhere...

2night, we're going out to Padang Kota Lama or Esplanade or Fort Cornwallis which is famous for its fort and food as well. Reason for going there: Find something to eat..

2morrow, we will leave for kl..

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