Thursday, September 17, 2009


Gonna go back to my howmetown tonight..

To those who going to drive back to drive back to their hometown this raya season..

Drive carefully.. Dont drink & drive.. nanti batal puasa.. hehe :p Happy Hari Raya

To those who don't celebrate raya..

Have a long, nice holiday..

And to the rest...

I wish for your hapiness and health on this blessed day of Aidilfitri..Forgive me for any wrongdoing throughout our journey together..


p/s: Penang island, here I come.. can't wait to see the latest Time Square and Hard Rock Cafe of Penang :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hmm.. there's no easy way to say this but.. I've been planning to open an online store for quite some time but I have few doubt in mind, though.. So, my plan right now is to minimize the cost as well as the risks. I have done my research on marketing online product but honestly, I'm not sure whether it will succeed or not. FYI, i've done a few online marketing for the past year and the results was so~so. This is due to lack of funds.

First of all, what I need most is 1 or 2 partners, who is able to contribute some initials. Of course I'll be contributing the same amount. This way, the cost will be less and the risk will be divided fairly among each member. This partner will have to work hand in hand with me and should be able to contribute ideas to ensure that this e-business is a success.

Secondly, I need a good product in which i can easily obtain throughout the year. I do have a few products (electornics, clothes) on my mind which I certainly knows where and how to get it with a cheaper price compare to the market price, but for now, i'll keep my options open. So if you have any idea, do tell me so..

These is my expected start-up cost.

Domain : +-RM50
Hosting : +-RM100 (will increase if the business success)
Membership for 1 reliable supplier : +-RM50 ( optional)
Merchant fee : +-RM500 (one time fee)
Marketing: +- RM1000 ( flunctuate acording to marketing type)
Others (spare) : RM500

TOTAL : RM2200 (Not that much, huh)

Of course, these are not fixed. It depends on the products and the marketing side, but to be on the safe side, let assume that the amount shown is the minimum amount.

If I don't get any partner, the business will still go on but on a slow pace. Bare in mind that by becoming a partner in this business, does not guarantee you any profits. We have to earn the profits.. I'll get into details with anybody who is interested in this. So anybody?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Asia's Biggest Gainer


Before the the start of the fasting month, i've plan to go for a diet program on my own.. But I'm wondering, why haven't my weight goes down, infact I gained quite a few pound this month, I guess.

You see, 2-3 years back, I'm not this big. I've gained so much weight for the past 2 years due to no workout at all. I'm curious whether I can still go back to my fomer size.. Here are some of my back-to-the-future pics.. hehe

5 years back

5 years back & with my dad

3-4 years back

FYI, my weight now is 95kg. So.. do u think i can get my former shape back??


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