Friday, October 23, 2009

Open House

Lately i've been very busy or just trying to look busy with i-dont-know-what.. As u can see, it's been a while since i posted any comments on anybody's blog but rest assured, i still read all the blogs in my list.. I'll catch up with my comments later, i hope so..

A few things happen all this while.. my small brother just had his convocation, my mom's raya open house and other few small things. Actually this week will be my other brother convocation in UITM shah alam, so my parent's is here till next week. I want to write about the room that my parents are staying 4 the time being, in concorde shah alam, as it's very nice & unique but i don't have the pictures yet.. Later i'll go visit them there again, and make sure i'll bring my camera along..

hmm.. bout my parents' raya open house, the menu was, nasi minyak, kambing masak kurma( lamb),ayam masak merah (chicken), ketupat, nasi impit, sate, kebab, and a few other things .. Here r some of the pics or you can view the complete pics by clicking the link below..

Saturday, October 10, 2009


it was evening when i heard a cat meowing from a bush beside me and i tried to look for it. I found the cat and help it out of the bush. Then it started to rub its body near my feet. I guess it's his way to say thank you. But after a while, it didn't stop. So i started to shove it away with my feet., but the cat keep coming back. So, i push the cat hard with my feet one last time and suddenly i felt like i was falling down, just like a free fall.. BUMMPP!! my back hurts..

As far as i can remember, that was my first time as an adult that i fell from my bed when i was fast asleep.. What a dream...

p/s: This real life situation happened to me last night. Maybe i was just too tired... hehe..

Friday, October 2, 2009


Last 2 days, I was driving while listening to the morning crew. The topic for that particular morning was 'when is the right time to lie?'. I, then sms to them saying that 'the right time to lie is when u think that u'll never get caught'. Unexpectedly, after a few minutes my phone rang and it was them, Rudy & Jay Jay from Hitz. They asked me to explain further. So i told them that i learned that from experienced as I'm married and together we had a big laugh. 10 minutes later, my recorded conversation was aired on the radio.

The best thing is my wife is sitting next to me :p ... so u can guess what happen next..

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