Thursday, March 26, 2009

TV Series

At this moment, I'm downloading heroes 3x20 tv series while writing this post.This is the only tv series that I followed . Last time, there were a few but I stop watching then coz it's time consuming.. When you have a lot of video to watch, you'll do nuthing else.. As for me, I'll be watching all series all day long.. That's why I just stick to 1. 

 It's hard to find a fast, genuine downloadable link unless u're willing to pay for it. I know, we all can find free download links everywhere in the internet but the downloading is damn slow.. It could take years just to download a decent tv series. 

Watching it online is another option if u can find free and fast video streaming link but that's also hard to get. I'm using umobile for my connection, so the buffering thingy really makes me crazy.. I found 1-2 nice places for streaming vids but of course, they have some weak points. And I'm not going to tell you where is it coz I wanna save the bandwith just 4 me :P..

You can use these links to download heroes or in fact any other tv series or any latest movies or music clips or games..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fight & Forgive..

..Few days back, I was surfing the net and stumbled across my brother's blog which he tried to keep secrect of..  In his last post, it looks like he's in a fight wih one of his girl fren. He condemned the girl in his blog as well as trying to defend himself from what the girl has wrote in the girl's blog. You see, my brother and the girl are 22 and it realy looks childish when the're fighting through each other blogs. 

Nowadays, this kind of trend has hit the blogs worldwide. On the positive side, I think this is a healthy trend because before this, the only method that people use to argue with each other is either face to face or through telephone conversation. Usually, using this method, one side will not listen or take note to the other side as they'll keep screaming to each other, thus making the arguments to get deeper and the misunderstanding to get bigger. 

Using blogs, they really can express everything that is on their mind and they can almost make sure that the other side would read everything that they've to say. So, each side will understand what the other person has gone through and what  truely cause the argument. They also will have their own time to take a look on what they've done wrong that lead to this argument. Once everybody has realized their own mistakes, it's easy to for them to forgive each other and call for a truce.

p/s : 2day when I open my brother's blog, they have found out what went wrong and ready to forgive each other mistakes. Good to see that..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dragonball Evolution

The title tells it all.. Mark the 'evolution' word.. It has nothing to do with the normal Dragonball comic.. hmmm.. maybe a bit.. The story has evolve into somthing else.. The story lines are very diiferent from the comic version but at least the characters are almost the same. I dont want to create spoilers coz there r still people out there not yet watch the movie but a few comments wouldn't hurt, I guess..

The main thing that I dissapointed with is San-Goku hair. Oh please.. It should've been better.. The hair was really stupid. One guy from my college have more similar hair to San-Goku(comic version). They should take him instead to replace the San-Goku part in the movie.

For me, the main strength of the movie was the humor they put up here and there.. luckily.. So, it was not that boring.. There are few memorable moments in the movie..  But overall, I give 3 stars.. 

For all Dragonball comic fans out there, you'll lose nothing if u don't watch this movie, but because it is DRAGONBALL, then I guess you have to watch it..

-The fake Goku-

-The Real MAN-

Life's fair... or not..

Some says life is like a circle.. sometimes, you're at the top and somtimes, the other way round.. But for me, life is like a big 8. There are times that you are at the top of your life, where everything seems right, anything you touch turn into gold, there are also times that you're in the middle.. Everything seems okay and nice and somtimes you make mistakes here and there and there are times when you are at the very bottom. You're clueless, everything seems to fall apart...

When I was 15, I lead a very normal life. Went to school in the morning and be back by evening. Of course sometimes, I hangout wif my frens and all.. This is the part where my life is in the middle. I did very well in my PMR and got into a boarding school. That's was when my life shifted a little bit. I was playfull, over confident and a mess.. my SPM result was not that good and I'm very dissapointed with myself but I did nothing to change..

My whole life started to turn 360 degrees when I went to matriculation in UM, KL..  I got new frens and was enjoying my life nearly every day and night. Just as I expect I completed my matriculation with 'cukup makan' result. I did get an offer to do mathematics in UMS but I turn down the offer as I thought maths is not for me, but I thought wrong.. This was one of the biggest mistakes I did in my life. My life started to fall apart after that.

Enuff bout my past. Now, I'm a different man. I have a family on my own and I'm trying to make things up. I  did my diploma and now I'm doing my degree. My parents and wife supports me along the way. They sacrifice too much just to make sure that I'll be a better person. I really appreciate that.. I really hope that I will not repeat the mistakes that I've made all my life.. I can see a bright future lies ahead as long as I'm in the correct path. Thank you Ayah, Mak and Sayang for still believing in me.. I'll make you proud, I promise..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Movie reviews??


Just got back from college.. FYI, currently, I'm doing my degree in IT. Back in college just now, I has this thought of starting to write blogs about movie reviews, because believe it or not, I watch at least 6 different movies per week, but of course, not the latest movies. I wonder how come I  waste my time just like that. Do I have that much time?? or maybe I'm just one of the lazy bumps in this world... 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Forex Strategy

it's been a while since I updated this blog. I've promised on my last post to explain how my forex strategy works. It's simple actually.. FYI, I used marketiva for my forex platform, so I'm not sure how other platform works. Usually, I trade on EUR/USD and use hourly candlestick chart.

Based on what I see, the average movement for EUR/USD is 100 tp 150 pips, meaning the highest point for that day minus the lowest point on that particular day is 100-150 pips but somtimes I can go more than that.So, my target for 1 day is just 100 pips. I know for some of you, 100 pips is quite low, but just imagine, if in 1 week you make 300 pips which is achievable for me. In 1 month, you make approximately 1200 pips. Lets make it 1000 pips only. If 1 pips = USD0.10, 1000 pips will earn you USD100. What if you set your 1 pip = usd1..? 

Now, here is my strategy. Let say on that early week, the average point for EUR/USD is between1.2757 and  and 1.2722. What I do is I'll open 1 long trade(buy) and 1 short(sell). I'll set my price type as 'stop' and will buy at 80-100 pips lower than the average point. On the same time I will sell at 80-100 pips higher than the average point as well. 

Bare i mind, when I buy and sell, the trade will not been executed yet but it will be execute once the chart reach the point that I've set. And dont forget to set you exit target. Usually, I'll set it to exit after 100-120 pips profits. Then, I'll close the platform and will see it again on the next morning :P.

The next morning, I'll check on the position. Most of the time, the position has been executed and closed. But sometimes, it will not execute at all. But I assure you, with this strategy, I gain 400 -1000 pips per week. 

But the important thing is you got to have strong equity. The best way is if you have USD100, you set up your 1 pips to usd0.10 - usd0.20. If you want to gain more, invest more  :)

In this post, as you can see, I tried to make my words and terms as simple as it can be coz, this post is dedicated to beginners in forex.. If you have any question, feel free to leave your question in comment field and I'll get back to you asap


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