Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fight & Forgive..

..Few days back, I was surfing the net and stumbled across my brother's blog which he tried to keep secrect of..  In his last post, it looks like he's in a fight wih one of his girl fren. He condemned the girl in his blog as well as trying to defend himself from what the girl has wrote in the girl's blog. You see, my brother and the girl are 22 and it realy looks childish when the're fighting through each other blogs. 

Nowadays, this kind of trend has hit the blogs worldwide. On the positive side, I think this is a healthy trend because before this, the only method that people use to argue with each other is either face to face or through telephone conversation. Usually, using this method, one side will not listen or take note to the other side as they'll keep screaming to each other, thus making the arguments to get deeper and the misunderstanding to get bigger. 

Using blogs, they really can express everything that is on their mind and they can almost make sure that the other side would read everything that they've to say. So, each side will understand what the other person has gone through and what  truely cause the argument. They also will have their own time to take a look on what they've done wrong that lead to this argument. Once everybody has realized their own mistakes, it's easy to for them to forgive each other and call for a truce.

p/s : 2day when I open my brother's blog, they have found out what went wrong and ready to forgive each other mistakes. Good to see that..


eddie alexis on March 26, 2009 at 1:52 PM said...

sah sah la kan..

Anonymous said...

people always done something stupid and will recognized it when become older and older....and die...tata!


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