Monday, March 16, 2009

Life's fair... or not..

Some says life is like a circle.. sometimes, you're at the top and somtimes, the other way round.. But for me, life is like a big 8. There are times that you are at the top of your life, where everything seems right, anything you touch turn into gold, there are also times that you're in the middle.. Everything seems okay and nice and somtimes you make mistakes here and there and there are times when you are at the very bottom. You're clueless, everything seems to fall apart...

When I was 15, I lead a very normal life. Went to school in the morning and be back by evening. Of course sometimes, I hangout wif my frens and all.. This is the part where my life is in the middle. I did very well in my PMR and got into a boarding school. That's was when my life shifted a little bit. I was playfull, over confident and a mess.. my SPM result was not that good and I'm very dissapointed with myself but I did nothing to change..

My whole life started to turn 360 degrees when I went to matriculation in UM, KL..  I got new frens and was enjoying my life nearly every day and night. Just as I expect I completed my matriculation with 'cukup makan' result. I did get an offer to do mathematics in UMS but I turn down the offer as I thought maths is not for me, but I thought wrong.. This was one of the biggest mistakes I did in my life. My life started to fall apart after that.

Enuff bout my past. Now, I'm a different man. I have a family on my own and I'm trying to make things up. I  did my diploma and now I'm doing my degree. My parents and wife supports me along the way. They sacrifice too much just to make sure that I'll be a better person. I really appreciate that.. I really hope that I will not repeat the mistakes that I've made all my life.. I can see a bright future lies ahead as long as I'm in the correct path. Thank you Ayah, Mak and Sayang for still believing in me.. I'll make you proud, I promise..



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