Friday, April 17, 2009

Journey 2 Book Fair (Part 1)

Yesterday, My family n I went down to the Legend Hotel to meet my mother coz she's here for the 'Book Fair'. Her college send her here to choose the books that is going to be used by her college.  The hotel stay and the flight was sponsored by the 'Book Fair' organizer itself. I arrived there around  9 pm, and so was my brother.  He was a student in UITM Shah Alam. As it was already late, we didn't enter the book fair. During that time, my mom just got back from the book fair. She bought several books for his college and a RM 1500 encyclopedia for herself. I've never know that there are books that are so.. damn.. expensive, but I guess, it's worth it.. It should be.. 

First thing we do is we tried to find a place to eat. It's already late so most of the eateries has started to roll up for the day.Finally, we ended up at 'Secret Recipe', just in front of the mall and the hotel as well. We had a big dinner there. I had curry seafood laksa, where as sayang had her spaghetti bolognese, my brother picked some sort of mee + seafood + soup and my mom had her cheese macaroni. My other sayang took the brownies and ice cream. 

By the way, just to let u guys know, parkson in the Mall is having sale.. I'm going there this morning for the sale and the book fair as well.. so this post definately will be continued..



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