Friday, February 13, 2009


Forex is one of the way to make cash but not everybody has the knowledge or some may call it talent to trade on forex. I  admit that I don't have the touch, myself but guess what.. on the last 4 days I made 829 pips. It's not that much compare to people who are into forex but just imagine if 1 pips you set it as low as $0.10, you still made $82.90 in 4 days!!

Before this I've lost much in forex. I've tried a lot of strategies which I got from forex tutorial site but still I failed. The main reason, I think because of greed. Of course, when you first trade , you will try to play safe, but after a few winning trade, you feel that you can make much more if.... (here comes the greed) .. you bet big and often. I have a few friends who is into forex for a long time. At first, they really make money but in the end, they still suffer loss. 

My strategy is simple. Most of the time I just guess where to buy or sell. I'll explain more about my strategy in the next post.



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