Saturday, January 17, 2009

You see.. there are  alot of ways on how to make money online.. Each have its own pro and con. Some people they tries to make money  online, but after a few times they tries, they start to give up bcoz they didn't see the money starting to come in. Actually there are a few reasons which leads to the failure of making money online..

The most common mistakes that these people make are ' they way the promote their business'. Ussually people think it's enoght to submit their link to the search engine, put in some blogs and post in friendster, myspace & facebook. And then they wait..  Of course, they'll get nothing from it. However there r a few cases that succeed. I call these as lucky.

Its not easy to do marketing on the internet. You got to do a lot of research and maybe  invest a little amount of money. It's not necessary to put down a large amount of money to get your business works. Honestly without using money also, you still can advertise your site successfully.

I'm not a millinoaire.. At least, not yet.. But I'll be, one day..  And I'll tell you the stories of the journey to millions. Right now, I'm still researching the best and easiest way to market anything online. I've found a few way but still trying to search for the best method. When I'm there, definately I'll bring you guys with me. :P 



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